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The other day I was actively going nowhere on my elliptical machine, and as it often does, my mind decided to take a little journey of its own. I don’t know what triggered the initial thought, but I eventually noticed (sometimes it takes a while; I don’t always pay attention to myself) that I was recalling phrases or initialisms that I could tie to specific times and places in my life: “ILTAAF” –… Read More

So I went for a bike ride today – on the Fuji, not the Honda – because, well, exercise. [Yes, yes, I know, some of you are gagging on that sentence. Deal with it. It’s my blog.] Riding my bicycle has been the most reliable way for me to lose weight for years. If I go for a ride of 50 miles or more, I’m out long enough to get my base… Read More

What do you do if your car’s battery dies without warning? Several years ago I made an unexpected trip to Silicon Valley to help my daughter move from there to Phoenix. On the way back, with a truck full of boxes and a car (also full of boxes) on a U-Haul auto transport, we stopped for dinner. When I tried to start the truck afterward, nothing happened. The lights would go on, but… Read More

They say an army travels on its stomach. Not literally, of course (duh), at least most of the time, but if an army isn’t properly nourished it can’t do its job. The same holds true for a traveler. It’s more difficult to eat properly when traveling, because you typically don’t have access to a reliable source of healthy food in healthy portion sizes. Restaurants commonly have HUGE portions (and charge commensurate prices),… Read More

You may be wondering where I got the photo I’m using for the blog’s background, or you might not. No matter. I’m going to tell you anyway. One of the activities Toni introduced me to is kayaking – specifically, kayaking (or canoeing, depending on the size of the group) the Green River in Utah. We met in November, 2006. In May, 2007, she paddled the Green with a couple of her friends… Read More

Just over a year and a half ago, my life was upended by the accidental car-crash death of my wife, Toni. Six months later (May 2013), it was upended again when my job was eliminated. I have spent the past year on a personal journey (for lack of a better phrase) to rebuild my life in this new reality. One of the decisions I made was to check off, over the next… Read More

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