Eye Candy

“Eye candy” is commonly thought of as whatever it is that makes you look twice (or more) at something or someone. A beautiful woman is usually eye candy for a man; a manly hunk can be a woman’s eye candy.

But there are plenty of things that can qualify as eye candy, too. Some of them are obvious (at least to a guy): supercars, cigarette boats, and basically any expensive toy that another guy has.

Some things may be eye candy to a specific group of people. For example, both men and women who like motorcycles will drool over a well-built example. Some may like a fullly-dressed Harley Super Glide; some may like a totally-custom chopper; some may like the crotch-rocket style of bike. Whatever your fancy is, someone out there makes eye candy for you.

I was reminded of this on my way up I-355 in Illinois today, when I saw a custom hot rod ahead of me in the right lane. Being the highly-accomplished mobile photographer that I am (*snicker*), I picked up my camera, turned it on, focused it and took a few pictures of it. I was planning to include one in my post tonight, because it was a *sweet* rod, but my camera’s data cable has managed to walk off somewhere (or I left it at home). Plus, I haven’t figured out how to include photos in a blog yet. *sigh*

In addition to the more-or-less standard types of eye candy, there are those items that you will recognize as eye candy only if you are slightly demented. Case in point: As I drove through Missouri yesterday, I passed several junkyards. Now, junkyards don’t normally hold much attraction for me because, well, they’re full of junk.

A couple of the yards I passed, though, had Jeeps out front. Being a Jeepaholic from way back (yes, I admit it), I always think about what I would do with an(other) old Jeep if I had the time and space and money to buy, store, and [insert project here] it. The project could be customizing it; it could be restoring it to pristine stock condition; it could be cannibalizing it for parts to finish another project. The point is that I drool over old Jeeps, and therefore they’re eye candy to me.

Well, almost any old iron is eye candy for me – old airplanes (think B-17, B-25, P-51, PBY); old steam trains; old cars; old Chris-craft wooden boats; pretty much anything from the ’20s, ’30s or ’40s – whether customized, restored, or junk.

I hope you have your stock of eye candy, too, and that it gets replenished regularly by sightings of your favorite objects.


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