Nothing Important Here…

…quite literally.

I managed to leave my cell phone charger cord with one of the folks I visited two days ago; I emailed them and they have agreed to send it to me here at my daughter’s home.

I also misplaced my camera’s data cable, but I don’t know whether I left it with the folks I stayed with two nights ago or if I left it at home. Either way, I don’t have it here, so I went to Best Buy this afternoon and bought a data-card reader that plugs into my computer through one of the USB ports. I was able to copy my pictures to the laptop, but now I can’t upload them for insertion in the blog – I keep getting the nondescriptive message “HTTP Error.” That’s all it says. But I’ll keep trying; maybe someday I’ll be able to show you the “eye candy” photo I mentioned yesterday.

I *did* arrive safely here at my daughter’s home yesterday. I’ll be here until the 18th, so if you’re primarily interested in my traveling notes, you can skip things for the next week or so. I’ll be blogging, but it’ll be about other kinds of journeys.

To each of you who reads this, Thank you. I’m surprised at myself for caring about how many readers I have and who you are, but I do. I care about you and I’m grateful that you care enough about me to read this stuff. 🙂

I lost the trailer’s license plate somewhere between St Louis and Bloomington the other day. It had worked loose on the drive from Lincoln to St Louis, but I figured I had fixed it well enough to get to my daughter’s. Nope. Since the remaining reflector nut and the bungee cord I was using were still there, I can only assume that the plate rattled around enough to wear through the mounting holes. I called AZ MVD and ‘splained my problem to them. They first told me I needed to come in to an office and – No, I said, I can’t do that because I’m out of state and will be for a month. [them] Oh. Well, let me check with someone to find out what you can do…. [wait wait wait] Thank you for holding. Log onto Service Arizona and get a 30-day temporary tag and then when you get back to Tucson come into an office and get a new permanent plate. [me] Thank you very much. *sheesh*

So enjoy your week, wherever you are, and thank you again for reading.

2 Comments on “Nothing Important Here…

  1. Oh no, that’s too funny. Well, I really shouldn’t laugh. But I will anyway. Love you, dad.

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