Three Topics

It was an interesting day today, in a random sort of way…

Topic One:

Way back when I was in Colorado or Nebraska or someplace like that, a random person came over while I was at a rest stop and inquired about my motorcycle trailer, saying he wanted one, too. So I gave him the information that he wanted and thought nothing more about it.

This morning, when I checked out of the motel, I parked by the front door to turn in the room key. A woman sitting outside on a bench asked me (with a smile) to please leave before her husband came outside and saw the Honda. I told her I’d be gone in 10 minutes; it was more like 1 or 2. We both laughed as I drove away.

This afternoon, as I got gas for the truck, another man asked about the trailer, saying he wanted one for his Honda Gold Wing. When I told him it also folded, he allowed as how that would make it easier for him to convince his wife to let him get one.

Topic Two:

My route took me from the Detroit area, south and west to Indianapolis, and then back east to Cincinnati. Along the way I cruised past miles and miles of farm land, interspersed with woodsy sections. I got to wondering how long the farms had been there, what the land had looked like before there were farms, and so on. As I pondered these questions, I was looking at the woodsy areas and realized that none of the trees looked big enough to be old-growth, meaning they, too, had once been cleared away. So then I started wondering why they had been allowed to grow back as wooded areas, instead of continuing to be cultivated. I’m sure there are as many answers as there are areas of trees, but it was a different way to spend some driving time. (My thoughts can get sort of existential at times…)

Topic Three:

I had a wonderful church picnic lunch today with some college friends. Afterward, we went back to the church and sat in its “comfy room” for some good conversation. We talked from maybe 2 until about 6, and discussed a lot of things – ranging from sounds not heard any more to current events to the old military AUTOVON (AUTOmatic VOice Network) system to some of their friends (and said friends’ foibles) to some of my friends (likewise with foibles), as well as other items I can’t remember now. It was a great mental journey through many subjects. We also solved the problems of the world, but we don’t have the required security clearances to implement our solutions. 😉 So I guess the problems, and the world, will go on.

One Comment on “Three Topics

  1. I’m not sure how I managed to post this twice, but I did. Still learning how this blog thing works, I guess.

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