A quiet day

Well, after Friday night’s fiasco and Saturday’s exhausting trek through the Udvar-Hazy Center, I ended up having quite a quiet day today. I’m staying here in Richmond with my high school friend Mike, and he and I had hoped to meet up with two other friends from that era, Richard and Tom.

But Richard had a hip operation last week and isn’t home from rehab yet, and Tom called today to tell us he had chills and a fever. So we did almost nothing the whole day. I *did* get my laundry done, so now I’m good for another 10 days. And Mike and I solved the world’s problems over subs and beers.

[Note to self: I should take these trips more often. It seems I’ve participated in lots of world-problem-solving conversations over the past 3 weeks; maybe I could parlay this into a political or diplomatic career … Nah. Too much work.]

I also remembered some more of the “supplemental blog” entries I was going to use yesterday:

1. My cooler is working great. It’ll keep stuff cold for at least 48 hours without draining the battery too far.

2. I doubled the Honda’s mileage on Friday. When I bought the bike, it had 2528 miles on the odometer. As of today it reads 5155.

3. Penn States’s Berkey Creamery has the *BEST* ice cream! (http://creamery.psu.edu/) And you can order it to be shipped to your house!

4. Vacation mileage stats so far on the truck: 4318 miles; 265.633 gallons of gas; overall average mileage 16.26 mpg. That’s pretty darn good for hauling around a bunch of stuff and pulling a motorcycle and trailer, too.

5. It rained here this morning but cleared up this afternoon. I’ve had remarkably good weather so far; I hope this doesn’t jinx the next week when I’ll be riding Tail of the Dragon and going to the Stalker family reunion.

6. Mike came up with a profound statement this afternoon. He claims he’s not smart enough to have originated it, but since I heard it from him, I’ll give him full credit: “You don’t die of old age; you only die because you haven’t died before.” I’m not 100% sure what it *means* but it sounds profound. At the time, we were discussing how the probability rises with age of any given time you see someone being the last time you’ll ever see them.

Tomorrow I’m taking a scenic route to Fayetteville to visit Toni’s brother Kerry and his family. I’ll be heading southeast to Norfolk and Virginia Beach, then along the coast until I have to go inland again to Fayetteville. Stay tuned.

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