Please be patient. We are experiencing some technical difficulties…

…the primary one being a lack of time. During Tour DaVita, I had no access to the Interwebz on my computer. There were some laptops set up for the Social Riders to use (for blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc.) about the Tour, but the powers that were respectfully asked me not to connect to their network. I didn’t really have time to write a good entry, anyway, due to my absolute fatigue at the end of each day’s ride, and then the evening activities.

After the Tour, I spent several days with folks to whom I’m only related through my son-in-law – which is to say, the only family relationship is the one we chose to build. I *did* have time to blog while there (in Marysville, WA), but I was still recovering from TDV and did pretty much nothing for the entire time I was there.

Then last Saturday (9/20), my oldest daughter flew up to Sea-Tac for a week of vacation-traveling. We first went up to Vancouver, BC and then worked our way down the coast (via US 101 and CA 1) to San Diego, where we went to Sea World this past Thursday. Friday we came home, and today I’ve been helping my youngest move to a new apartment. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same.

So, if y’all will bear with me for a day or two, I promise I’ll sit down and fill you in on all the fun I’ve had over the past couple of weeks. And then I’ll figure something else out to bore – er, *entertain* – you with.

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