Thank You!

Last night (early this morning, actually), I found out that my “view count” passed 1,000! I think this qualifies as an actual milestone (if you’ve been following me regularly, you may remember I’ve mentioned previous “inch-stones” or “foot-stones” such as posting my 10th entry). This piqued my curiosity about my other stats – likes, followers, and so on – and so I decided to see whether there was anything else I could brag – er, blog – about.

It turns out there is other good stuff:

I’ve posted 67 entries (this is my 68th).

I have seven declared followers, five via WordPress and two via email.

One of my posts was linked to in another blog (its subject was flooring).

The highest one-day view count is 55, set back in July.

I have had views from eight countries other than the U.S., although I’ve been reliably informed that at least *some* of these were by folks who were traveling at the time, as opposed to residents of those countries. By the way, they are the United Kingdom, Hong Kong (apparently WordPress treats that as a country separate from China), Czech Republic, Canada, Austria, France, Spain, and Mexico.

Some of the individual entries have also generated their own comments and likes.

As many of you know, I also post a link to each blog entry on my Facebook page; that link has, I hope, provided folks with some entertainment as well.

I’m honored, flattered, and humbled by the knowledge that people actually *care* about what I write. I started the blog for two reasons: First, because several friends asked me to keep them up to date on my travels this past summer; and second, because I’m planning a year-long trip around the U.S. for (probably) 2016 and I wanted to get some practice in the blogging arena before undertaking that sojourn. I appreciate, and am grateful for, those people who follow along with me in my travels (physical and otherwise).

Thank you, everyone. As I’m fond of saying, I’m just me. That’s a hard enough job, and I have to do it every day, so I don’t try to be anything (or anyone) other than that. If you have suggestions or comments, please let me know. You can comment on blog entries; you can comment on the Facebook links; and/or you can reach me at gonzodave [at] yahoo [dot] com.

2 Comments on “Thank You!

  1. Congratulations! A thousand hits for a blog only a few months old is pretty not bad … I don’t remember how long it took me to get my first thousand, but it seemed like forever. And it seemed like forever plus six months before I started realizing that I was getting hits that weren’t from my family and friends. You know you’ve arrived when people share your posts, provide a link on their blogs to yours, and you start getting repeat visits from farther and farther afield. I have regular readers in Germany (both family and friends), the UK, and Australia, as well as across the US. It’s fun to watch it all grow. Your blog is interesting and the content varies enough to keep it fresh … when you start writing about the same things all the time, readers quickly get bored and go elsewhere. Good job so far … keep it up! There are only a few million blogs out there, and we need to stay at the top of the pile!

    • “Pretty not bad…”??? Thanks – I think. 😉

      All kidding aside, I appreciate the comments – and your interest. Thank you!

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