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Last Friday, my friend Tony finally made good on a promise. For months he’d been telling me about his friend, Charles, who owns a small plane and regularly flies it to Benson for breakfast. Tony kept promising me that on one of these trips, he’d get Charles to take the two of us with him. It finally happened. I had to be at Tony’s house by 7:15 AM, so I left home about… Read More

Several months ago, I got a letter from the Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) inviting me to become a volunteer with them. I think the idea was that they had supported me through two years of my grief journey and now it was time to pay them back – or to pay it forward, as the case may be. I decided that volunteering with/for them would be a good way to remember Toni,… Read More

Well, I was wrong about when Congress was going to be in recess (I wonder if they’re outside playing in the snow?). I thought it was last week, but yesterday’s paper had the weekly voting summary for our delegation. I also learned in various ways that they *are* in recess this week – meaning that when they return, they’ll only have 4 days to fund the Department of Homeland Security without it… Read More

As I told you in this morning’s blog post, I completed a 64-mile bicycle ride yesterday that began and ended in Marana. Because this ride was sponsored and supported by GABA, there was an entry fee and a wristband and all that stuff – and food! Not only were there three well-stocked SAG stops, but at the end of the ride they had a wonderful lunch buffet from Eegee’s. There were several… Read More

Yesterday I rode the intermediate-distance (63 miles) option [the other two being short, at 36 miles, and long, at 104 miles] in the Owls Head Butte Century ride, which was sponsored and supported by the Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA). The ride started in Marana, proceeded northwest along the I-10 frontage road for about 13 miles, and then turned east onto Park Link Drive. From that turn it was about 18 miles… Read More

This is the fourth installment of the current “Path to Informed Voting” series, covering Representative McSally’s reported votes for the week ending February 6. This’ll bring me up to date for two reasons: First, the next column in the Arizona Daily Star won’t be published until Sunday; and second, Congress is in recess this week so (as far as I know) there won’t be any votes to report on anyway. At the end… Read More

Let’s see how Representative Martha McSally did for the week ending January 23, shall we? There were four votes reported in the Arizona Daily Star on Jan 25. I’ve added two bits of information this time, and will continue to use them in the future. The first is [R] for Republican-sponsored legislation, while [D] is for Democrat-sponsored bills, [I] would be for Independent, and [Unknown] if it’s not listed. The other is a… Read More

Yesterday I gave you my thoughts on how well Representative Martha McSally was actually representing *me* in the 114th Congress, based on her recorded votes for the first week of the session and giving her a pass/fail on each vote. For the week, it was 3 pass votes and 3 fails. Tonight, I’ll look at how she voted during the week ending January 16. The Arizona Daily Star listed 6 votes for that week…. Read More

The 114th Congress, to which people were (re)elected last November, was sworn in on January 6, 2015. Since then, because I didn’t vote for the current Representative from Arizona’s Second Congressional District (Col. Martha McSally, USAF (Ret)), I thought I’d start keeping track of her votes so that I’d learn more about her and determine, over the course of the next two years, whether she actually represents my interests well enough that… Read More

I need to stop breaking – or wearing out – my modes of transportation. A couple of months ago, I noticed the truck was beginning to mark its territory on the driveway. It wasn’t much, but since this is the first time EVER that it’s done that, I finally decided to get under it and see if I could identify the source. Plus, I knew if I didn’t stop the leak, eventually… Read More

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