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Yesterday evening I was privileged to take part in Tucson’s “Ride of Silence.” It was part of a worldwide series of rides held to remember bicyclists who have been killed or injured while riding. There were 32 cyclists and we rode a ten-mile circuit in town at an average speed of around 10 mph. We had a three-vehicle police escort (two patrol cars and a motorcycle) and a lead/pace car. We began… Read More

Yesterday was an ab-so-lutely GORGEOUS day for a motorcycle ride. It’s a good thing, too, because I had a ride to do, and it was going to happen regardless of the weather. Knowing I didn’t have any particular time when I had to be home, I stayed lazy in the morning and didn’t check out of the motel until 10:45 (the check-out time posted on the door is 11:00). I started my ride… Read More

…and i hope this isn’t one of them. It took me most of last night to get warm. I had the motel room’s heat (such as it is) on high when I went to bed, and I huddled under the covers, *and* I wore winter jammies to bed, too! About 3 AM I suddenly woke up and decided I was hot. This morning, I was back to normal, thank goodness! The last… Read More

BRRrrrrrr!!! That wasn’t my initial thought when I left Tucson on the Honda this morning, but I sure used it a lot of times between there and Flagstaff today! In fact, I’m still not completely warmed up, and I’ve been in the motel room for almost three hours with the heat (what there is of it) on high. This weekend is the annual Overland Expo. For a couple of years, it was held… Read More

I’m ba-a-a-a-ack!… The House of Representatives was in recess this past week (5/4 – 5/8), so there are no votes to report on. However, I have votes from the two previous weeks (4/20 – 4/24 and 4/27 – 5/1) to tell you about, so let’s get started. We start today with a cumulative record of 25 Fails, 13 Passes and 5 Abstains (as always, based on how I feel I would have… Read More

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