Notes About Things…

…that I didn’t know – and didn’t *know* that I didn’t know until recently! Now I know that I didn’t know those things, and I know the things themselves, too!

First thing: It’s usually a good idea to pay attention when something comes from the Motor Vehicle Department. I’m enrolled in a “Confident Rider Course” that will be given tomorrow morning, so this afternoon I printed out all the forms I have to take with me in the morning. Two of them are waivers of liability, so that if I die nobody will be sued. The third one is a “use your own motorcycle” form that requires such things as the VIN, the license number and its expiration date, and the insurance company / policy number / policy expiration date. Since I have not yet memorized the Honda’s plate number, I went out to make sure I wrote it down correctly. At the same time, I filled in the expiration-date blank – June, 2015.

Wait, what? June of THIS YEAR???? Ruh-roh! I better get it renewed! [Never mind why it didn’t get renewed before, GET IT RENEWED NOW!] But when I logged in to Service Arizona to renew, they said it was “too soon to renew.” ‘Scuse me? <think think think> Okay, I’ll check Quicken to see when I last renewed the Honda’s plate. I did that, and found out it was last month. So where’s the new registration tab? <think think think> Hmmm, I must have put it out with the other registration stuff for the JeepMonster. [Since that isn’t running, or even *built*, I’ve just been stacking stuff in piles, and I guess when I got the Honda’s sticker I just assumed it was for the JeepMonster.] Off I go to the garage, which is a worse mess than usual because I’m *painting* it, and try to remember where the JeepMonster’s registration stuff might be. Well, I found it after a short search, but the sticker for the Honda wasn’t there. Drat. Now I have to look through ALL the piles of Jeepmonster stuff.

Fortunately, I found the relevant envelope without too much trouble, and with only a little stretching and grunting, I was able to retrieve it without knocking anything over. By golly, it was the Honda’s sticker! I quickly cleaned off the plate (it’s 48MC7W, by the way) and applied the new sticker, so now I’m good through June 15, 2016. One potential crisis averted! (If I hadn’t had to get the expiration date for my class, I wouldn’t have looked at the plate, and I would have been riding with an expired registration on my whole adventure – which could have led to other types of adventures that I’d rather not get involved with, thankyouverymuch!)

Second thing: Battery-tender leads won’t handle the current from a jump-start battery. When I went to the Overland Expo last month, the folks from Antigravity Batteries (who make the Micro-Start jump starters I have) were there. Because I had carelessly left the accessory kit / carrying case of my jump starter on a saddlebag and then lost it when I went riding, I asked about getting a replacement. I said I still had the battery itself and just wanted all the other stuff. The rep told me to contact [name forgotten] at Antigravity and they could probably work something out.

I asked them about it via their website “contact us” form last month, but never heard anything. This past Thursday I finally got around to following up, but this time I called them. I guess I ended up talking to the same guy I had spoken with at the Expo, because he said he sort of remembered my story. While we were discussing things, and then while I was on hold, I browsed the accessories page on the Antigravity website and found a battery lead set that would not only work for the jump starter (so I wouldn’t have to unbolt the seat to get to the battery), but also comes with an adapter that fits most / all / some battery tenders. The copy on the website says that battery-tender leads aren’t robust enough to handle the current from the jump starter.

So now, instead of potentially frying the battery-tender leads if/when I have to jump-start the Honda, I’ll have a robust pair of leads that will handle the jump starter *and* can be used for the battery tender if/when I use it.

So two potential problems (possibly quite major ones, at that!) were averted when I learned there were two new things I hadn’t known, and then rectified the situations so I knew them, and then acted upon that knowledge. Yay me!

(I wonder what *else* is out there that I don’t know….. *shudder*)

2 Comments on “Notes About Things…

  1. LOL dad. You are too funny. But that’s cool about the battery packs. You didn’t say if you got all the accessories back, though…

    • The accessories and their case all fell off somewhere between home and … elsewhere. I tried retracing my ride (it wasn’t a long one that day) but I didn’t see the case anywhere.

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