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I’m still cleaning off my desk. With tonight’s post, I’ll be able to get one more piece of paper off it and into the trash. YAY! Last year I wrote a post called “Little Bits” in which I wrote briefly about US routes “following” me as I traveled. I specifically mentioned US 60 because I grew up along that highway in Richmond and it also runs through Phoenix. One of my bucket-list… Read More

I was cleaning off my desk this weekend, in preparation for my next trip (canoeing down the Green River, in Utah), and I found a piece of paper with some post-motorcycle-adventure musings on it. I was going to throw it out, but decided to blog about them first because they still seem interesting to me. I hope you find them interesting, too. Bike Stats and Minor Mishaps: I rode 7655 miles in… Read More

A Facebook friend of mine posted this meme recently: This led to a “discussion” (and I use the term loosely) among my friend (“R”), another gentleman (“A”), and me, about the Second Amendment. After two or three exchanges between A and R, A made this statement: “So far I have heard no facts to prove that ANY liberal understands the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.” To which R replied, “So far, you’ve only… Read More

Although these people will never know it, I’m very grateful to them for helping me out on my ride: The guest (a young woman) and the desk clerk (a young man) who both helped me get the Honda upright in Gallup, NM, after I dropped it in the portico – right in front of the motel’s front door! It had been a long, wet day, and I think I came in just… Read More

As I traveled in July and August, and blogged about it, I had the occasional request to let people see, on a map, where I had been. It took a while, but I bought the largest paper US highway map I could find in town and I spent some time this afternoon drawing on it. Because there are three “expeditions” included, I’ll go one by one and ‘splain each: This shows my… Read More

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