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If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that one of the journeys I occasionally post about is the one I travel every day – grief, sorrow, and the adjustments I’m making due to Toni’s death almost two years ago. About a week ago I posted “My Hero“, concerning her decision to be an organ donor and the recognition ceremony I attended in her remembrance. Last Wednesday I… Read More

When I was growing up, my “extended family” wasn’t very extensive. My immediate family was Mom, Dad, Ken and me. (My sister, Barbara, died before I was born.) Dad was an only child. Mom’s only sibling (Uncle Sanford) also married an only child; they had three children. My maternal grandmother (Grandma Elsie) was widowed, and my paternal grandmother (Grandma Helen) was long-divorced. One of Mom’s cousins (I called her Auntie Inez) visited… Read More

Blog entry 10/11 for Saturday and Sunday, Sep 27 & 28. I have conclusively proven that helping a daughter move and smushing / stubbing / injuring a big toe have a 100% correlation. I’m still working on the causation part, but it may have to remain an unknown. I don’t particularly want to perform any more experiments to tease out the relationship between them. Last January I was called upon to help… Read More

Blog entry 10/8 for Tuesday, Sep 23. The Battery Point Lighthouse isn’t where MapQuest says it is. However, there *is* a neat little museum there, and Ali and I deduced (after leaving the museum with directions to the lighthouse itself) that the lighthouse’s mailing address (which is what MapQuest apparently uses) is that of the museum. Both are run by the Del Norte County Historical Society. It wasn’t far from the museum to… Read More

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