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Yes, dear friends and readers, after surviving both the Super-Blood-Moon total lunar eclipse (and the accompanying end-of-the-world prophesies) and the hike up Water Canyon, it’s now time to paddle the final 4.5 miles to The Confluence, where the Green River flows into the Colorado. As always, there’s the awesome scenery, and sometimes the river is calm enough to get good reflections. Even very muddy water can do a good job of mirroring… Read More

Time marches on… It’s now Tuesday, September 29, and we have a (relatively) long paddling day ahead of us. By staying on a mudbar at Deadhorse Canyon (Mile 19.5) instead of the shelf camp at Turks Head (Mile 21), we cut our one-day maximum from 17 1/2 miles to 15, but that’s still 50% longer than our other paddling days. Luckily, paddling is all we have to do today – yesterday we… Read More

When the party of the third part agreed with the party of the first part to host part of the party at the party of the second part’s party house, … Sorry – wrong story. I’ll try again. Monday, September 28, was another beautiful day on the Green River. After watching the total lunar eclipse the previous night, we rose at a reasonable hour and had another delicious breakfast created by our… Read More

As I’m sure y’all know, the night of September 27 was when the Moon moved into Earth’s shadow to provide us lucky folks with a total lunar eclipse. Some interesting facts about the eclipse can be found here. Eve, Rick and I were fortunate enough to be on a sandbar at Anderson Bottom on the Green River that night. Even better, the river turns there to flow northeast, meaning we had about… Read More

Sunday, September 27 – Day Two on the Green. It was a bit chilly last night, and I was glad I brought along my “real” sleeping bag in addition to my fleece liner. I was also glad to have a jacket with me, as we arose before the sun reached the sand bar and began warming us up. After a warm breakfast (many thanks to Rick, who did an amazing job as… Read More

Saturday, September 26. A clear, cool morning, and a perfect way to start a 6-day paddle on the Green River. The plan was to launch at Mineral Bottom and float/paddle about 52 miles down to The Confluence (so named because that’s where the Green meets the Colorado) over the next almost-week. We had been told to be at Tag-A-Long by 8 AM; since our motel was literally right next door, we had… Read More

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