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Notes from the field – er, beach – for Thursday, October 27, 2016: *sigh* 😉 Back to paddling again…(Oh, a note: people paddle canoes and kayaks with paddles; they row boats with oars. Now you know. So there.) On our final paddling day, we moved from Isla Espirito Santo to Isla Partida. It’s no big deal, because the channel separating them is *really* narrow, and I think you can wade across it at low tide. But… Read More

(…as remembered three months later…) October 26, 2016, dawned clear – as did all our days on the trip. There was no need to pack our gear this morning, though, because we weren’t going anywhere. Instead, today involved a couple of “expeditions.” The first one was to a sea lion encampment (rookery?nest? whatever the place where a bunch of sea lions live is called) where we were given the opportunity to snorkel… Read More

When the party of the third part agreed with the party of the first part to host part of the party at the party of the second part’s party house, … Sorry – wrong story. I’ll try again. Monday, September 28, was another beautiful day on the Green River. After watching the total lunar eclipse the previous night, we rose at a reasonable hour and had another delicious breakfast created by our… Read More

Sunday, September 27 – Day Two on the Green. It was a bit chilly last night, and I was glad I brought along my “real” sleeping bag in addition to my fleece liner. I was also glad to have a jacket with me, as we arose before the sun reached the sand bar and began warming us up. After a warm breakfast (many thanks to Rick, who did an amazing job as… Read More

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that one of the journeys I occasionally post about is the one I travel every day – grief, sorrow, and the adjustments I’m making due to Toni’s death almost two years ago. About a week ago I posted “My Hero“, concerning her decision to be an organ donor and the recognition ceremony I attended in her remembrance. Last Wednesday I… Read More

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