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…that I didn’t know – and didn’t *know* that I didn’t know until recently! Now I know that I didn’t know those things, and I know the things themselves, too! First thing: It’s usually a good idea to pay attention when something comes from the Motor Vehicle Department. I’m enrolled in a “Confident Rider Course” that will be given tomorrow morning, so this afternoon I printed out all the forms I have… Read More

Just over three weeks from now, on July 11, I’ll take off for parts known and unknown on my Honda. The known parts are Round Lake, IL (home of Eve and Rick, my daughter and son-in-law); Oshkosh, WI (location of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual Air Venture Fly-In); and Sturgis, SD (home of the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally). The unknown parts will be just as interesting, I’m sure. My plan is to… Read More

…and i hope this isn’t one of them. It took me most of last night to get warm. I had the motel room’s heat (such as it is) on high when I went to bed, and I huddled under the covers, *and* I wore winter jammies to bed, too! About 3 AM I suddenly woke up and decided I was hot. This morning, I was back to normal, thank goodness! The last… Read More

BRRrrrrrr!!! That wasn’t my initial thought when I left Tucson on the Honda this morning, but I sure used it a lot of times between there and Flagstaff today! In fact, I’m still not completely warmed up, and I’ve been in the motel room for almost three hours with the heat (what there is of it) on high. This weekend is the annual Overland Expo. For a couple of years, it was held… Read More

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know that I embarked on a major expedition last year, in which I drove 8,300 miles, visited 25 states, saw lots of friends and family, and rode about 600 miles on my motorcycle. (If you haven’t been following me that long, that trip was the genesis of this blog, and you can catch up by reading the posts from last July and August.) I’ve… Read More

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