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As I traveled in July and August, and blogged about it, I had the occasional request to let people see, on a map, where I had been. It took a while, but I bought the largest paper US highway map I could find in town and I spent some time this afternoon drawing on it. Because there are three “expeditions” included, I’ll go one by one and ‘splain each: This shows my… Read More

Yesterday I rode the intermediate-distance (63 miles) option [the other two being short, at 36 miles, and long, at 104 miles] in the Owls Head Butte Century ride, which was sponsored and supported by the Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA). The ride started in Marana, proceeded northwest along the I-10 frontage road for about 13 miles, and then turned east onto Park Link Drive. From that turn it was about 18 miles… Read More

Happy New Year (a day late)! I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions. I prefer to set goals to work toward, rather than making inflexible statements that leave me no wiggle room. But yesterday I was thinking about 2014 and realized I *have* to change some things. So this year is different, and here are my Resolutions: 1. In 2015, I will exercise. I would say “exercise more,” but when 2014’s exercise consisted… Read More

Blog Entry Friday 9/19 for Saturday 9/14. Or something. Saturday is always Check-In Day for Tour DaVita (TDV), which means that all 500-odd riders have to be transported from the airport (Portland, OR – PDX – this year) to the first campsite, and then get them situated into their tents, give them their goody bags, get them fitted for bicycles, helmets, and whatnot, and take care of whatever snafus arise. Oh, and… Read More

I was going to use Willie Nelson’s song, “On The Road Again,” but that’s been done *so* many times that I decided to do something different. Yes, Dear Reader, I’m heading out tomorrow on another sojourn. I’m driving to Oregon over the next two days so that I can participate in the 2014 Tour DaVita (, a charity ride that I’ve been a (very small!) part of since 2008. The first Tour… Read More

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