Nice – Twice!

Actually, it was way better than nice, but I couldn’t think of a word meaning “the second time” (or similar) that also rhymed with “great.”

I’m talking about the motorcycle ride that I took today with my daughter, Eve, and her husband, Rick.

Rick and I had already run this route last Friday, but Eve wasn’t feeling well that day so she stayed home. Thankfully, it was a minor bug and she felt well enough to go with us today. And we were prepared, too – we all had our rainsuits along, just in case – but it wasn’t supposed to rain.

Except it did.

At about 1 PM, after watching the clouds build to the west (right in front of us, in other words), I felt the first rain spits. After a mile or so of that, we pulled off to confer. Eve and Rick pulled out their smartphones and checked the local radar, and we decided to put our rainsuits on. We had *hoped* that just having them would prevent the rain from falling, but that didn’t work. Our next line of defense was to wear them and see if *that* would be sufficient to stave off the rain. Nope.

The rain didn’t last terribly long, and there wasn’t a whole lot of it, but there was enough in both amount and duration that we were glad we had put our rainsuits on. By the time we got to Galena, though, the rain had ended and the skies were clearing. We ate lunch at the Paradise Bar & Grill again, and we stopped in at the Galena Kandy Kitchen again, too. I was strong enough to resist buying more candy (mostly because I still have the majority of my Jelly Bellies), but Eve and Rick bought more ambrosia – er, candy.

After leaving Galena, we headed down the same twisty-turny-up-and-down road to Savanna, after which we came home.

I did manage to take a few photos of things I missed on Friday, like this one:

Exactly how many is "several?"

Exactly how many is “several?”

I have it on the best authority that this sign accurately states the population of Hoganville, as determined by the 2010 Census.

Here’s a shot of Eve and Rick on their machine:


This next shot may not be any big deal to anyone from the Midwest or the East, but to a desert dweller it’s *so* lush! The photo doesn’t do the view justice; I took it after turning onto the road in the picture and while accelerating to catch up with Eve and Rick. It was near the top of a hill and I could see amazingly far.

"I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles..."

“I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles…”

We got home about 8:30 tonight, after another run of about 350 miles. Oh, two new milestones, too: My 3,000th mile on the trip, and 11,000 total on the bike.

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